Think and assess your readiness

Measure your readiness with AIR’s reliable and validated readiness assessment, then receive actionable scores and access to resources that will help you build readiness for change.

How do I use the Ready Toolkit to measure and build readiness?

  • Save your work and track progress over time
  • Keep your data secure
  • Reflect on key elements of readiness
  • Reassess over time to account for changes
  • Receive a readiness score for each readiness element
  • Identify areas of low, medium, and high readiness
  • Identify resources to support low readiness areas
  • Learn more about other resources in the field that may be useful
  • Recalibrate readiness as conditions change
  • Monitor progress as you build readiness over time

Who should take the readiness assessment?

  • Leadership (program directors, site coordinators)
  • Activity leaders and staff
  • Support staff and volunteers
  • Use AIR’s Readiness Reflection Tool and the readiness reports
  • Engage in discussions that foster the exchange of ideas.
  • Encourage individuals to become aware of others’ perspectives, attitudes, feelings and beliefs.
  • Agree on priorities and next steps


  • Embed readiness reflections into staff meetings
  • Recalibrate readiness using the readiness assessment regularly


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who can use this toolkit? 
This toolkit is for any adult professional – from program directors and assistant directors, site coordinators, activity leaders, and other support staff. You must be over age 18 to set up and account and complete the readiness assessment.

Who will see my information?
AIR will store your account profile information and survey responses and we may use these data to inform our understanding of who is taking the survey and how the survey is functioning. We may use these data to make updates to the readiness assessment over time. In addition, we may conduct analyses of the readiness data in the future to better understand readiness in OST.

AIR will never share any data you submit with anyone outside of the AIR team and we will never use your name or the name of your program in any report.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
If you have any questions about the assessment or data privacy, please contact the AIR Team via email.

Assess your readiness now.