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  • This toolkit is for any adult (18+ years) professional working or volunteering in an OST program. AIR will store your account profile information and survey responses and we may use these data to inform our understanding of who is taking the survey and how the survey is functioning. We may use these data to make updates to the readiness assessment over time. In addition, we may conduct analyses of the readiness data in the future to better understand readiness in OST. AIR will never share any data you submit with anyone outside of the AIR team and we will never use your name or the name of your program in any report. If you have questions, please email
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  • Options are: Program Director/Leader – you oversee all operations of an OST program and have a lot of the decision-making authority; Assistant Director/Program Coordinator – you manage up and down, reporting to someone with the main decision-making authority and also managing the day-to-day operations, working with staff, and handling the coordination of youth programming; Specialized lead – you are responsible for planning, coordinating, and/or implementing a specific topic or initiative. Example titles might include Education Specialist, Social and Emotional Learning Coordinator, Behavior Specialist; Program Staff – you work directly with youth to lead activities; Network or intermediary lead or staff; External researcher/evaluator; External trainer/capacity-builder; Funder/program officer
  • About Your OST Program

    If you are part of an Out-of-school time (OST) program, please share more about your program. We may use this information in the future to explore how readiness varies for different types of OST programs.
  • Options are: School-based; Nonprofit organization (e.g., community-based organization); Private organization (e.g., faith-based organization, fee-based program); Public agency or institution (e.g., city or county agency or department, museum, library); I am not part of an OST program; I don’t know